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E-mail Programs
Level: Beginner
Status: Available
  • Instructor: Engineer Aml
  • Category: Basic Computer Skills
  • Technology: Office programs
  • Provider: Smart Press
  • Duration: 1 h
  • Videos: 13
  • Published: 2014-03-24
  • Language: english

كيف يتم عمل حساب بريد الكتروني وكيف تستطيع انشاء البريد وارساله بالاضافة الي تلقي البريد والرد عليه واعادة الارسال وتنظيم البريد

Name: Engineer Aml
Country: Egypt
Language: Arabic,English
Email: edume2014@gmail.com
Telephone: not available
Facebook: not available
Twitter: not available
Linkedin: not available
Youtube: not available
Website: not available

1- Ribbon,Navigation Pane
2- Open E-mail
3- Send E-mail
4- Copy text from another source
5- Select message Priorty
6- How to attach and delete file
7- Replay Function
8- Print an E-mail
9- Flag an E-mail
10- View Tab and outlook help
11- Sort E-mail
12- Create new folder
13- View Contacts

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